Understanding the Bail Process in Kaufman TX

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Bail Bonds

The Bail Process in Kaufman TX begins with the defendant finding out what the amount will be from a schedule posted by the jurisdiction or from a judge who sets the amount in a hearing known as an arraignment. Bail not set in a schedule, but by a judge, typically is connected with accusations of violent crimes or those with the implied threat of violence. Bail is also normally set by a judge when the offense is uncommon.

Ensuring Compliance

Cash bail or collateral provided to the court is intended to ensure compliance by the defendant after release from jail. The cash is refunded and the collateral returned at the end of the case if the defendant appears in court as scheduled and is not arrested for another offense in the meantime.

Surety Bonds

People who cannot afford bail or do not have collateral, or who do not want to have a large amount of money tied up with the court, may pay a licensed agency to post a surety bond. This is a standard part of the Bail Process in Kaufman TX, as the amount is often too high for lower-income residents to pay.

No Release

In some instances, a judge decides not to allow a defendant to be released and so does not set a bail amount. Common reasons for this decision include there being evidence that the defendant is a danger to the community or to his or her own safety. Another is that the person can be considered a flight risk because of no strong ties to the community. If circumstances change, the person and his or her lawyer can apply for a bail hearing to present their case for pretrial release.

Improving Outcomes

The outcome for men and women who must stay in jail until trial is generally poorer than for those who can be released. There are various reasons for this, but they are more likely to be convicted at trial, and twice as likely to be incarcerated in a state prison. It becomes clear why a defendant’s family will want to Contact Us AAA Bail Bonds as soon as possible.