Details To Discuss With Social Security Disability Advocates In Temecula, CA

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Lawyers

In California, Social Security Disability offers financial benefits through two separate programs. The options are Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplement Security Income. Claimants must file an application with the Social Security Administration for an assessment. Social Security Disability Advocates in Temecula CA offer assistance for claimants who were denied any benefits.

Defining a Debilitating State

A debilitating state prevents the claimant from working in any industry due to the condition. For example, a mental disorder producing severe depression presents a debilitative state. Evidence that shows the severity of depression and its effects helps the claimant substantiate their case.

Are There Alternative Jobs the Claimant Could Do?

The Social Security Administration reviews all possible jobs that accommodate the claimant’s condition. For example, if the claimant performed physical labor previously, the caseworker evaluates the condition and determines if the claimant could complete office work. If the claimant is able to work in a different industry, the case is denied.

The Terms of Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance is provided when workers develop a disability and cannot work anymore. Throughout the worker’s job history, they paid into the program. Each year, the workers receive a document explaining how much benefits the claimants receive if they become disabled. The program requires the worker to complete a disability application and provide evidence to start the payments.

The Terms of Supplemental Security Income

SSI is for individuals who have a disability and never worked. It is an income-based program for children and adults with disabilities. The caseworker evaluates the claimant’s condition and their household income when establishing eligibility. Families that earn more than the income restrictions aren’t eligible for the program. A different set of income restrictions apply to married and unmarried claimants.

In California, Social Security Disability provides financial assistance for individuals with disabilities that cannot support themselves. To receive the benefits, the claimant must establish their eligibility for their selected program. A caseworker is assigned to the claim, and they evaluate all information presented by the claimant. Disabled individuals who need to discuss their case with Social Security Disability Advocates in Temecula CA visit us for more information right now. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.