Being Deposed? Call a Personal Injury Lawyer in Lubbock TX

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Personal Injury Lawyer

During a personal injury deposition, the insurer’s attorneys will attempt to get a victim to make statements that affect their credibility and weaken their claim. However, with some planning, a victim’s testimony may have the opposite effect. Read on to learn how to get through a deposition.

Don’t Exaggerate

After an accident, a victim may be in severe pain and have little memory of the incident. While it’s tempting to overstate symptoms and facts, it’s not a wise decision. When victims are dishonest, defense attorneys and insurers use those statements against them. Even if a victim believes their answers may not portray them in the most favorable light, it’s important to be honest. A personal injury lawyer in Lubbock, TX may be able to provide helpful suggestions.

Be Prepared

During a deposition, the insurer’s legal team will ask questions about the accident, the victim’s injuries, and their damages. If a client isn’t prepared, they may become defensive or make mistakes. Expect questions on emotional and physical injuries, pre-existing conditions, symptom severity, current treatment, work restrictions, lost income, and work history. Before the deposition, the attorney will help the client review their records and refresh their memory.

Remain Professional

It’s crucial to take depositions seriously. Dress in business casual clothing and show up early, as being late may affect the case. The defense attorney will ask uncomfortable or personal questions in an attempt to undermine the victim’s credibility, but it’s important not to take the bait. A personal injury lawyer in Lubbock, TX will file objections when questions seem inappropriate.

Keep Answers Brief

The deposition isn’t the time for a victim to tell their life story. Rather, it’s a chance for defense attorneys to build a case. Don’t do their job for them; keep answers short and simple. The attorney will get the chance to cross-examine the victim, which gives them a chance to explain their answers.

Don’t Go in Unprepared: Call an Attorney

A well-prepared client gives a better deposition. Before speaking to a defense attorney or insurance adjuster, complete the online contact form or contact Kyra K. Blankenship, Attorney at Law for a consultation.