Get Help Making a PIP Claim

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Personal Injury Lawyer

Vehicle accidents are bound to cause a lot of problems in your life. You may have serious injuries to recover from, problems attending work and emotional trauma. You also may encounter problems receiving payments from your own insurance company. In this scenario, you will need the help of a PIP claim lawyer near West Palm Beach FL. Getting legal help with your PIP claim can be a good option for many different reasons.

PIP coverage can mean different things in different states. In Florida, PIP can cover the expenses associated with lost wages, medical costs and death. In most cases, claims are submitted for medical expenses. Florida law allows you to use your PIP coverage to cover only the driver, or all of your family members. Specifically, the coverage can be applied to rehabilitation expenses, ambulance fees, surgery, hospital stays and medical services. It can also be used to pay for expensive medications that are prescribed for accident victims. Therefore, almost all of your costs can be paid for by your PIP provider.

Be aware that PIP coverage in Florida does not cover all of your expenses. Under the law of the jurisdiction, PIP is only required to cover 80% of a victim’s medical expenses. Also, this 80% figure only applies to emergency-related expenses. The amount of coverage is significantly less for injuries that do not constitute an emergency. This is why you might need a PIP claim lawyer near West Palm Beach FL to help you submit your claim.

If you fail to qualify for the maximum coverage amount (for emergencies), you’ll need to rely on your health insurance. Not all health insurance coverage will help you in the case of a car accident. Therefore, make sure to consult with a PIP claim lawyer Near West Palm Beach FL.