Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Bellingham

Each year, Washington sees over 100,000 collisions between drivers. The majority of those occur outside of Whatcom County, but on occasion, Bellingham residents need to hire a car accident lawyer in Bellingham. Not every collision calls for the services of an attorney, though. Keep reading to learn when to hire an attorney and to learn a few tips and suggestions about hiring an experienced lawyer.

Is an Attorney Necessary?

Attorneys can help their clients receive fair compensation for any damages after an accident. However, when accidents are relatively minor, such as fender benders, individuals can work with insurance companies directly to receive fair compensation. Paying for an attorney would not generally add enough extra benefit after a minor accident to be worthwhile. When accidents result in significant damages or substantial injuries, hiring an attorney can allow the injured party to focus on their recovery instead of dealing with the other party.

When to Contact an Attorney?

Evidence degrades over time, so it’s best to contact an attorney as soon as possible after an accident so they can start working to preserve the evidence and work on the case. Speak with others in the community about attorneys they have used after accidents. Ask other lawyers to recommend someone experienced with automobile accident law. Physicians or your insurance agent may also be able to recommend an experienced attorney.

Initial Consultation

The majority of attorneys offer free initial consultations to potential clients. Use this opportunity to discuss the case and determine if the attorney seems knowledgeable in accident law. Working with insurance companies, medical professionals, and the court system requires specialized skills honed only through prior experience. The attorney should have a specific plan for the case, but be wary if they say they can guarantee an outcome. Additionally, be sure to discuss the fee structure ahead of time for both attorney fees and expenses to avoid any surprises later.


After an accident, individuals need to determine if the accident and damages were severe enough to warrant contacting an attorney. Seek recommendations from other trusted individuals to find a reputable accident attorney.