The Role Of A Bondsman In Hurst, TX

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Bail Bonds

In Texas, criminal defendants are booked and attend an arraignment. Once they are processed by the correctional officers, the defendant is assigned a booking number. The details are needed when seeking a bail bond. A Bondsman in Hurst TX provides details about the bail bonds and what they do to help criminal defendants.

Negotiate With Judges During Arraignment

Bonding agents negotiate with judges during the arraignment and help defendants get bail. The agent shows the judge why the defendant isn’t a flight risk or a risk to society. The process is more successful for defendants who don’t have a criminal history or a history of violence.

Taking Defendants Into Their Custody

The bondsman can get judges to release some defendants into their custody. Typically, the arrangement requires the defendant to stay with the bonding agent until the day of their court appearance. The agent is responsible for ensuring that the defendant shows up in court as directed by the judge.

Processing Bail Bonds

The bail bond is processed after the defendant provides necessary information to the agent. Their representative provides information to the agent, such as the defendant’s name, booking number, and where they are being held. The payment is given to the bonding agent, and it is calculated according to the bail amount and the percentage charged by the agent. The bondsman secures the judge’s signature and delivers all documents to the county jail.

Collecting on Failure to Appears

After a failure to appear, the bonding agent collects any collateral used to secure the bail bond. If he or she acts as a bounty hunter, they locate the defendant and return them to the court. After the violation, the defendant is arrested again, and their bond is revoked.

In Texas, criminal defendants get released from the county jail after a bail bond is obtained. The bonding agent provides several services for criminal defendants. The services start with negotiating with the judge, taking defendants into their own custody, and arranging their release through a bond. Criminal defendants who need the help of a Bondsman in Hurst TX can contact Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds for more info now.