Reasons Defendants Want a Quick Release With the Help of a Bail Bondsman in Del City

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Bail Bonds

People charged with a crime have several reasons for wanting to get out of jail quickly. One of the most common and pressing issues is needing to get back to work to prevent being fired. Another is to return home and handle family obligations, including caring for children. A Bail Bondsman in Del City can help when the defendant and the family do not have enough money for cash bail.

Compelling Reasons

Defendants have other reasons they feel compelled to regain their freedom with the help of an organization like Advise Bail Bonds. Life is completely disrupted when someone is locked behind bars, especially when this person hasn’t even been convicted of a crime. In addition, the person is prevented from doing almost anything in support of his or her defense. The time that could be spent with a defense attorney is limited. So is Internet use, restricting the person’s ability to do research on defense possibilities and better understand how defendants have handled similar situations.

This person may have other case-related reasons that make getting out of jail with the help of a Bail Bondsman in Del City feel imperative. Suddenly, details about this individual’s life available on social media may look incriminating. A picture of this person pretending to smoke a joint, for instance, may seem extremely inadvisable now since marijuana is still illegal in Oklahoma.

Potential Consequences

Questionable social media imagery and commentary can lead to harsher sentences from a judge, reports CNN. Numerous photos of the defendant partying, holding containers of alcohol, and being obviously intoxicated are problematic for someone charged with any alcohol-related crime. Being able to delete social media accounts, or at least deleting pictures and certain comments, can be an important defense strategy.

Prosecuting attorneys, judges, and juries don’t look favorably on images of defendants looking smug or engaging in criminal activities. The sooner a defendant can be released from jail using available Bail Bond Solutions, the faster those images can be erased from the Internet. Those photos typically have nothing whatsoever to do with the criminal charges that have been filed, and deleting them does not interfere with justice.