Reset Your Court Date with a Bail Bond Service in Bartow

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Bail Bonds

There are times when a court date gets overlooked by accident or you cannot get there for some reason. You may get called into work or end up feeling sick that day. If you miss a court date, it is important to call the courthouse immediately. Otherwise, a warrant for your arrest is issued. Once this happens, you must pay the bond amount to have your court date reset.

Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets result in a court date if you decide to fight them instead of paying the fine right away. Your court date may be set several weeks after you receive the ticket. Many people do not show up for this initial court date. They may forget the date or have something come up. You need to visit a bail bond service as soon as your warrant has been issued. If you get pulled over for another traffic violation while you have a warrant, you can be taken to jail. A bail bond service in Bartow can remove the warrant and reset your court date.

Items You Need

When you are ready to visit the bail bond service, you may need to get someone to drive you there. If you have a warrant out for a traffic ticket, it may be safer to let someone else drive until you pay the bond. Call ahead to find out how much your bond is. A bail bond specialist can usually look it up for you. Take cash with you to pay the bond. Credit cards and debit cards are not usually accepted. Take the ticket with you if you still have it as well as proper identification.

People often miss court dates or need to bond out of jail. Bail bonds are set to make sure that you show up at your next court date. Your warrant is removed and you are safe from jail after you pay the bond. The judge decides the next course of action at your hearing. Zona Long Bail Bonds can help to eliminate your warrant for arrest.