Reasons an Arrested Person Becomes a Customer of a Bail Agency in Upper Marlboro MD

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Bail Bonds

A person who has been arrested and charged with a crime needs a defense attorney. This man or woman may want to hire a private attorney instead of working with a public defender, but it can be difficult to contact defense lawyers while sitting in jail. If cash bail has been set too high for this person to pay, a Bail Agency in Upper Marlboro MD that posts surety bonds for a service fee can help.

An Insurance Policy of Sorts

Cash bail paid to the court and surety bonds obtained from a bail agency in Upper Marlboro MD are intended to act as an insurance policy of sorts. The cash or the bond is meant to guarantee that the defendant appears at all scheduled court dates and does not run away.

Cash bail is refunded if the person does not flee, even if he or she is found guilty or pleads guilty. The service fee for a bond is not refunded, but an organization such as Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency has evaluated whether or not this potential client seems like a flight risk. Bonds are only provided to people with enough evidence of stability in their lives. That evidence can include a long-held job, family in the community, and long-term residency there.

Why Bounty Hunters Can Enter the Picture

If the customer does disappear, the agency sends a bounty hunter to track down and bring this individual back. This must be done or the agency forfeits the entire cash amount of the bond to the court. Fortunately, the incidence of defendants fleeing is relatively rare.

The Need for Freedom

Getting out of jail as soon as possible is imperative to most people. Not only does the defendant want to hire a private lawyer, this person needs to get back to work and continue earning money. Missing too much work will likely mean losing the job. This man or woman may also have family obligations. Having to wait in jail for several weeks feels completely unacceptable, especially when there has been no conviction of a crime. Browse our website to learn more about one particular bail bonds service.