Relief in Finding a 24 Hour Bondsman in Tyler, TX

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Bail Bonds

A person could get arrested at any time, and it is good to know there is help available, if needed, at those times. The financial help needed would come from a bail bond agency when the arrested person does not have the money to afford bail. A 24 Hour Bondsman in Tyler TX brings relief to those who have been arrested at odd times of the day or night. Here is how the bail bond agency can help bring relief to the defendants.

 How a Bail Bond Agency Helps

When an arrested person is taken to the police headquarters, the person will spend some time in jail if the bail set by the judge cannot be paid. When the judge sets the bail, the full amount is required unless the defendant contacts a bail bond agency that can post the bond for the defendant, but the company will charge a fee for their services. The bail bond agency will usually charge between 10 an 15 percent, depending upon the nature of the charge, and this fee is not refundable, as it is the agency’s fee for the services.

More about a Bail Bond Agency

If a defendant’s bail is excessively high, the bail bond agency may require the defendant to provide additional collateral, such as a house, a car, a boat, or something else of value. This is to ensure the bail bond agency that, if the defendant skips bail, the collateral can have a lien placed on it until the matter is resolved. The bail bond agency also could hire a recovery agent (bounty hunter) to find the defendant and bring the person back to face justice.

A 24-Hour Bail Bond Agency in Tyler

When a defendant is charged with a crime late at night, it is a relief to know there are bail bond agencies in the area providing 24-hour service. Strike Three Bonds is a bail bond agency in Tyler that is available to help defendants day and night. If a person is searching for a 24 Hour Bondsman in Tyler TX, the agency is available and can be reached at the website. You can connect with them on Google+ for more updates!