Why You Might Need a Naturalization Lawyer in Manhattan, KS

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Legal Services

There may be immigrants living in the state of Kansas who are wanting to become naturalized citizens and need more information legally on what to do. Sometimes immigrants may run into legal issues that require the expertise of a lawyer with experience in immigration law to assist them. A naturalization lawyer in Manhattan, KS helps those who are seeking to become naturalized citizens by providing them with information and legal representation. Here is a look at some naturalization issues that may come up during the naturalization process.

Naturalization Issues in Kansas

It is not the intent of the government to keep families separated from one another, despite the confusion that might be misinterpreted by many today. In fact, immigration law is designed to keep families together, with guidelines including being a spouse of a U.S. citizen, an unmarried minor (under 21), and the parents for U.S. citizens (must be over the age of 21). Siblings of U.S. citizens can also petition to become United States citizens through immigration, but there are other things that must be looked at in the process for all who want to become U.S. citizens.

More About Naturalization Issues

Immigrants can also petition to be granted visas for employment-based reasons, such as providing specialized skills that may be needed in the United States or coming as part of a religious organization in the United States. There are also those who may be granted approval for asylum or refugee reasons, like being in a life-threatening situation in their home country or fleeing persecution (upon which this country was founded). Those applying to become citizens must pass certain tests to be granted citizenship status.

A Law Firm for Naturalization Issues in Kansas

Those who are seeking to become citizens of the United States in Kansas should find a lawyer who specializes in this field. is a law firm in Manhattan, Kansas and the surrounding areas that represents clients during the naturalization process. Any immigrants in need of a naturalization lawyer in Manhattan, KS can contact this law firm for help and visit for more information. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.