When to Hire an Offshore Attorney Following an Accident at Sea

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Lawyers

Maritime accidents often occur as a result of the ship operator’s negligence. Accidents range from a cruise ship running aground to mechanical issues on a cargo vessel. While some injuries sustained in these accidents are minor, other incidents lead to serious injuries. As medical facilities on these water vessels tend to be limited, only minor injuries can be treated. More serious accidents typically require a trip to a medical facility on land. The best way to avoid the need for medical care is to prevent accidents from happening. When a ship operator fails in this duty, an offshore attorney should be contacted immediately.

Passenger Injuries

Passenger injuries often happen because the vessel has not been properly maintained. The ship operator has a duty to ensure routine maintenance is carried out. Failure to do so can lead to injuries or possibly death. Furthermore, injuries may happen due to a lack of security on the vessel. Sadly, crimes are more common than many realize on passenger ships.

Crew Injuries

Crew members may also sustain injuries. Fortunately, those who are injured in this way find they are protected under the law. Employers must maintain a safe working environment whether the work takes place on land or at sea. However, ship operators often demand their crew members work in hazardous conditions or unstable weather. In addition, they may make workers do tasks they are not trained for or work them to the point of exhaustion. All can lead to accidents and injuries.

Anyone who is injured on a water vessel should consult with an offshore attorney. The attorney is familiar with maritime regulations and the law and how they apply to a victim’s case, such as the Cruise Passenger Safety Act and the Jones Act, to prove liability on the part of the ship operator. This knowledge is of great benefit to the injured parties.

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