Spouse Or Custody Issues? Contact A Family Lawyer In Decatur, AL

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Lawyers

Facing a family law situation is a daunting task when a person is not sure of the laws and how a case will turn out. If a person is facing a divorce, custody or child support issue, or any other legal problem that involves family law, they are encouraged to contact a Family Lawyer in Decatur AL as soon as possible. Early intervention and legal guidance by an experienced lawyer will keep an individual from making the wrong choices because of misinformation they may have.

An individual shouldn’t choose just any lawyer when facing a family law case. The attorney must have family law experience. A person should inquire about the lawyer’s experience and not just assume that because they’re an attorney, they have experience with family law.

Child Custody

Child custody is a very difficult area for many individuals to get through in the court system. Both parents are afraid they will not see their children regularly and that it will break their bond. A family lawyer will help a parent develop a child custody arrangement that benefits the child and explain how the court will view various situations about the family.

The court is only concerned about the best interest of the child. The best interest of a child includes which parent will foster the relationship of the child with the other parent. It also considers a child’s adjustment to school and community, the age and gender of the child, the wishes of the child, and which parent can provide a stable home environment.

Property Settlement

Another area of the divorce process is the property settlement. The property settlement involves splitting the assets and debts fairly. The court will consider the length of the marriage and the income potential of each party. It will not include assets that were acquired before the marriage as part of a property settlement. A Family Lawyer in Decatur AL can provide guidance for the best outcome to a settlement agreement.

There’s never a reason to go through a legal family battle alone when an attorney can provide Confident Legal Guidance for the situation. Get the legal guidance you need today.