Reviewing Specific Factors with a Disability Attorney in Muskegon, MI

In Michigan, Social Security Disability provides disabled individuals with monthly benefits so they can support themselves financially. The benefits programs are available if the claimant qualifies according to current laws. The Social Security Administration offers two different programs that assist disabled individuals. Reviewing specific factors with a disability attorney in Muskegon, MI helps claimants understand their right.

Reviewing the Original Social Security Disability Claim

The original Social Security Disability claim must meet required guidelines, or the Social Security Administrator will deny it. The claimant includes information about their condition and which doctors provided treatment. Their medical records are included in the claim. The attorney reviews the claim and determines if the agency followed regulations.

Establishing Eligibility for Benefits

The claimant’s condition is either a mental or physical disability. The condition must stop them from working in any industry. Being declared disabled indicates that the worker is unable to perform job duties in all industries, including the field they worked in previously, of course.

Presenting the Case to the Court

The attorney builds a case according to what condition the claimant has and shows the court why the individual needs disability benefits. The judge and a jury review the claimant’s medical records and work history, if they worked. Doctors testify on the individual’s behalf and explain how the condition affects the claimant and their job prospects. The full impact of the condition determines if they can work again in the future.

Evaluating Potential Back-Pay

If a claimant uses an attorney to file their claim, they will receive back-pay if they win their case. The back-pay starts on the day that the individual was diagnosed with the condition. The claimant could receive years of benefits if they win their claim.

In Michigan, Social Security Disability helps individuals with permanent disabilities and terminal conditions. The benefits are paid out monthly to those who qualify for the program. Attorneys can help individuals who were denied benefits through the Social Security Administration’s application process. The lawyers build a new claim with the claimant’s medical records and the doctors who testify. Claimants who need assistance can contact the disability attorney in Muskegon, MI at Bleakley Law Offices, P.C. right now.