Getting Help from an Accident Lawyer in Annapolis, Maryland

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Lawyers

Just as surely as there are people interacting with one another on a regular basis, there is a good chance that an accident will occur with someone. When an accident occurs causing one person to be injured because of the negligence or direct act of another, the matter can easily become a personal injury lawsuit. An Accident Lawyer in Annapolis, Maryland works on behalf of those who have been injured in such accidents and helps them to recover what is rightfully theirs. Here is some vital information that potential clients should know about the law regarding accidents in Maryland.

Laws Regarding Personal Injury in Maryland

A person who is going to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in Maryland should realize the statutes of limitation for personal injuries is three years from the date of the accident and injury. If the incident is not filed in a Maryland civil court in that period, any opportunity to have the case heard will probably be gone. The opportunity to be awarded damages in the personal injury case will also be gone, and the plaintiff will have nothing.

More about Laws Regarding Personal Injury in Maryland

In Maryland, a harsh rule called “contributory negligence” is employed in personal injury cases so that the plaintiff will have to prove that the other party was totally at fault. If it is found that the plaintiff is even one percent at fault, no damages will be awarded in that case, and the plaintiff will walk away empty-handed. This is the reason an injured party should hire a skilled attorney who has experience at winning such cases in a Maryland civil court.

An Attorney in Maryland for Personal Injury

Many lawyers advertise themselves and their law firms as representing clients for personal injury cases in Maryland, and many are highly qualified. The Jaklitsch Law Group is one such law firm in Maryland that represents clients for personal injury cases, such as slips and falls, industrial accidents, and car accidents. If an individual is in need of an Accident Lawyer in Annapolis, Maryland, the law group is available and can be reached at the website,