Don’t Go It Alone: Contact A Parenting Plan Attorney In Oceanside, CA

by | May 29, 2019 | Attorneys

One of the hardest things a parent can go through in determining who will have custody of a child and how the parenting time will be divided between the parents. Litigation of custody rights can result in lengthy court proceedings and a large expense. With the help of a Parenting Plan Attorney in Oceanside CA, a parent will be provided with the representation needed to resolve the case as quickly as possible.

Determining custody is a very emotional situation for parents and children. It is very important that the parents don’t discuss the situation with their child or around their child. Limiting the amount of emotional turmoil this type of situation can cause is highly recommended.

Permanent Decision

Parenting plans and custody determinations rarely change unless there is a change in circumstances. These circumstances must be significant to change what the court had previously ordered. Keeping this in mind: a parent should attempt to consider child custody for the immediate moment as well as into the future.

The decisions a parent makes to develop a parenting plan could be difficult to administer for a parent in the future if they’re moving out of town or have other obligations that could get in the way or raising their children.

Best Interest Of The Child

California courts are only concerned about the best interests of the child above the wants, needs, or desires of a parent. A Parenting Plan Attorney in Oceanside CA will explain the best interest of the child and help to provide the best resolution to the situation. Negotiating with the other party and painting a parent in the best light possible for the court will result in a better parenting plan.

Joint Custody

Courts highly favor joint custody for the parents. The court will look at how the parents can interact and if there’s been any history of domestic violence or addiction problems. The court prefers that both parents are involved in raising a child.

If you’re interested in efficient child custody litigation, now is the time to contact an experienced parenting plan attorney. Browse our website for more information.