Birmingham Divorce Mediation is Far Less Expensive Than Hearings and a Trial

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Lawyers

Mediation is used throughout Alabama for purposes of negotiating settlements in divorce cases. Here’s how it works. You and your attorney and your spouse and his or her attorney retain the services of a neutral third party for purposes of conferring with you in one or more efforts to resolve existing issues in your divorce. This individual doesn’t make decisions like a judge would. He or she works in the capacity of a facilitator and endeavors to make a settlement agreement easier to arrive at.

Some Mediation Benefits

If a person is contemplating a divorce in or around Birmingham, mediation should be given due consideration. Here are just a few of the benefits of divorce mediation in Birmingham AL:

  • It’s far less costly than going through hearing after hearing on every issue in a divorce.

  • Mediation maintains confidentiality. Your personal business is not aired out in a public courtroom.

  • As opposed to the court being in control, you control the settlement process.

  • You’re still able to keep your attorney involved in your case.

The Mediation Process

Every mediator has his or her own way of mediating a dispute. Everybody might meet in one room, or the mediator might place the parties in separate rooms for purposes of maintaining confidentiality. A mediation agreement is signed before the work begins. The mediator will ask the parties questions about the outstanding issues. Simpler issues might be worked out first. This provides a sense of accomplishment, and it can make resolution of more complicated issues easier. The parties must be amenable to compromising, and understanding the other spouse’s concerns.

Assuming that mediation is ultimately successful, the agreements reached from it will be incorporated into a final agreement for approval of the parties and the presiding judge. The parties to a divorce should only work with mediators who have extensive experience in mediating family law issues. If you’re thinking of divorce mediation in Birmingham AL, you can contact Steven P. Gregory at the Gregory Law Firm by calling 000-880-0000 or by using his online contact form at Sitename.